What apples and honey have in common with successful relationships

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  • on: September 8th, 2015
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successful relationships

Like apples and honey, successful relationships involve finding differences that work well together.

With the High Holidays right around the corner, we at Elegant Introductions have our minds focused on the coming year. Of course, we also have our minds focused on Jewish singles. As Jewish matchmakers, this is our mission and our passion.

On Rosh Hashanah, it’s traditional to dip apple slices into a bowl or jar of honey, and then eat this delicious combo in hopes of a sweet new year. On their own, apples and honey have their own distinctive flavor and texture. Yet, when they come together, they produce a flavor that’s even more irresistible. They are different, but boy, do they go well together.

If you think about it, this is also one of the traits of successful relationships. To be successful in a relationship, you have to be aware of how your partner is different from you, and you have to be willing to work with those differences.

That’s why, when you’re dating, it’s unrealistic to expect your partner to be just like you. First of all, that’s impossible. And second of all, think of how boring that would be. Differences—like variety—can indeed be a “spice” in life. They can actually bring out the best in a couple, just like apples and honey.

The challenge comes in learning to tell the difference between differences that can make a couple strong, and differences that can drive a couple apart. As Jewish matchmakers, we guide our clients on issues such as this, and introduce them to promising prospects – ones that really have a good chance of being the apple to their honey.

If you are Jewish and single, contact us. A wonderful, long-lasting relationship could very well be a highlight in your life, making a sweet new year even sweeter.

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