Mixing the bitter and the sweet while dating

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  • on: April 2nd, 2015
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matzosandwichAs we gather at our Seder tables this weekend to celebrate Passover, we take part in a tradition that has bound us together as a Jewish people for thousands of years. One of our favorite parts of the Seder is the Hillel Sandwich. That’s where you take some charoset and some horseradish, and mix them together between two small pieces of matzah.

When we take a bite of that sandwich, we immediately taste the bitter (thanks to the horseradish) and the sweet (the charoset.) The sandwich symbolizes our freedom from slavery, reminding us that while slavery was bitter, our redemption was so much sweeter.

The Hillel Sandwich reminds us that life always combines the bitter and the sweet. So does dating. As matchmakers, we often hear dating stories from singles who don’t want to give their dates another chance after the first disagreement. But, as any couple will tell you, relationships are about communicating together and working out your differences. Even in the best relationships, couples must do this a lot.

When we work with Jewish singles, we do everything we can to give them a satisfying dating experience. We match them with people who share their interests and values. But even though we have plenty of sophisticated Jewish singles in our data base, nobody is perfect. Neither is any relationship. That’s why we coach our clients to be realistic about the sweet and the bitter of relationships.

When you think about it, dating is just like Hillel Sandwiches. It’s a lot more satisfying if you know just how to handle the bitter and the sweet.

Wishing you a happy and joyous Passover from Elegant Introductions.

Chag Sameach!

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