Dating Stress – Are You Facing It?

  • Posted by: Elegant Introductions
  • on: February 7th, 2014
  • in Dating Advice

bgAre you facing some dating stress? Our proven matchmakers will tell you the first thing to do is try to relax! Take a deep breath, hold it, and slowly release it. By doing this several times over the course of a few minutes, you’ll notice a decrease in your heart rate and in your anxiety levels. This works anywhere, so you can do it before you head out for your date or even while you are on it if you feel anxiety creeping in.

Elegant Introductions can take the dating stress out of your life – we take the time to learn about your personality, relationship patterns and desires, so when a match “clicks” for us, we will know this is “the one” for YOU to meet. Let our match ignite your soul! Call Barbara and Nancy today at 305-615-1900  or contact us for more information.

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