Ask Nancy: If I’m dating a man with less resources, how do I stop money from coming between us?

  • Posted by: Elegant Introductions
  • on: October 20th, 2015
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dating a man with less resources can work, as long as there's plenty of communication.

As Jenna Elfman discovered in the comedy Absolutely on Purpose, dating a man with less resources can work, as long as there’s plenty of communication.

Dear Nancy,

I think I’m falling in love with a man who has far less resources than I do. He’s everything that I could ask for, but I’m frightened that money might come between us. What should I do? – Arlene W.

Dear Arlene,

Try not to let it. Ask yourself what’s the most important aspect of what you’re looking for in a relationship: love security, respect…. If you open your heart and mind to your inner feelings and turn off your preconceived wish list, you may find your way to a long lasting loving relationship. This may very well involve doing things that he can afford, which means that your dates might be a little more scaled down from what you’re used to. If you still have a lot of fun and find opportunities to connect with him, that’s a very good sign. You should also feel comfortable enough to have an open and honest conversation about money. This is a must for all couples, but it’s especially true in your situation. If this man is indeed everything you could ask for, chances are that talk will go better than you could even expect.

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